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Caries Detector

Caries Detector

Caries Detector

Caries detector (CD) dyes aid in caries diagnosis by staining the organic matrix of less mineralized infected dentine. However, detector dyes are not specific to bacteria and can discolor surrounding healthy tissues as dentino-enamel junction or the circumpulpal dentine.

Dental Microscope

Dental Microscope

A dental microscope is an important tool that allows for better visualization through magnification of objects. In dentistry, microscopes enhance precision which not only enhances the quality of the dentists’ work, but also helps ensure long-term dental health of the patient.

Dental Microscope

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral camera technology helps patients get a close-up view of their dental work and become better educated about their oral conditions.

Digital radiography in dentistry was introduced by the French dentist, Dr. Francis Moyen in the year 1987. The dentist from Toulouse, patented this new technology and called it RadioVisioGraphy (RVG) and developed a prototype.


Radiography in Dentistry | RVG


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