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PT Master Scaling

PT Master III

The Woodpecker PT Master 3 is the latest piezo scaler unit for scaling, polishing and periodontal treatments.
The tips have a smaller vibration amplitude and work in a circular motion so the patient feels more comfortable.
Titanium scaling tips which are more flexible and comfortable for scaling, no injury to cementum and less potential damage to teeth and bone.

Beyond Laser Whitening


They’re even more effective than whitening toothpaste because it’s a bleaching home system. Whitening strips work by peeling the strip, applying it on the surface of the tooth, and then removing it before rinsing. It also contains peroxide bleach, just like in the case of laser whitening procedures.

beyond Laser Whitening

Componeer Veneer


COMPONEER is an innovative and easy-to-use system for restoring anterior teeth. COMPONEER are polymerised, prefabricated nano-hybrid-composite enamel shells that combine the advantages of direct composite restorations with the advantages of prefabricated veneers.


Durability – Emax crowns are prepared from lithium disilicate, which is a glass ceramic and possesses excellent strength. Thus, Emax crowns are less likely to crack or fracture during clinical usage. They are less likely to chip when compared to zirconia crowns!

Emax Crown


Beyond Laser Whitening


A dental dam or rubber dam (sometimes termed “Kofferdam”—from German), designed in the United States in 1864 by Sanford Christie Barnum, is a thin, 6-inch (150 mm) square sheet, usually latex or nitrile, used in dentistry to isolate the operative site (one or more teeth) from the rest of the mouth.


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